At Eagle Falls Dentistry, we try to treat periodontal gum and bone conditions in the least invasive way possible. The first choice is, of course, preventative care. But when intervention is necessary, we try to offer non-surgical treatment options as often as is responsible.

Scaling and Root Planing

One of the non-surgical treatment options we offer is scaling and root planing. This process involves a very thorough cleaning of the surface of the tooth and root. This removes any plaque, tartar or bacteria that may be hiding in periodontal pockets in the tooth. It also serves to smooth the surface of the tooth, to prevent bacteria from growing in those pockets again.

While some patients require no further treatment after a scaling and root planing procedure, the majority of patients will require ongoing maintenance to keep their teeth, gums and bones healthy.

Tray Delivery Systems

Very similar to the familiar fluoride trays that are often used to prevent tooth decay, tray delivery systems can be used to prevent or reverse periodontal conditions.

Remember to discuss any possible treatments with a trusted dentist, who will help you decide what course of action is best for you and your condition. For more questions about non-surgical treatment options in periodontal gum and bone conditions, contact us at Eagle Falls Dentistry today.