The Biolase Laser allows the dental professionals at Eagle Falls Dentistry to treat gum disease, and numerous other gum disorders and discomforts, with significantly less pain and anesthetic medication than traditional dental options. For example, the laser can treat gum disease with much less painful scraping than is required with traditional treatments. Tartar and bacteria can also be more easily removed, leaving behind cleaner and healthier gums. The laser removes more bacteria than is possible with traditional methods, and therefore promotes faster healing of the gums. For painful sores and gum tissue inflamed by gum disease, a “laser band aid” can also be applied to help immediately alleviate pain and promote healing.

How does the Biolase Laser work?

Dental lasers like the Biolase Laser work by using energy (in this case, in the form of light) as a cutting, cauterizing or curing instrument. If you have any questions about Eagle Falls Dentistry’s use of Biolase Lasers, please feel free to contact us today.