If you or someone in your family suffers from a nighttime ailment associated with the teeth, jaws, or airway, a take-home appliance from our dental office may be just what you’re looking for. Our custom dental appliances at Eagle Falls Dentistry provide increased comfort and safety for a variety of applications. With more than four decades of experience, our team can help you select an item that fits yours needs.

Our available dental appliances include:

  • Sleep apnea appliances: Sleep apnea results when soft tissue blocks your airway and makes it difficult to breath while you sleep. In addition to the snoring sounds that result, sleep apnea can also pose serious health risks by limiting oxygen to the brain. A sleep apnea appliance positions the jaw in such a way that the airway can stay open while you sleep.
  • Night guards: For those who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep, night guards are an effective way to protect your teeth from the wear and tear they would otherwise suffer. Night guards can also reduce muscle strain by allowing your jaws to interact while you sleep.
  • Custom sports guards: Mouth guards are required for many sports because they offer protection for the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Mouth guards also reduce the likelihood of concussions and jaw fractions. Though store-bought mouth guards offer some protection, they cannot match the fit and performance of a custom fitted sports guard.

Invest in Your Well-Being with an Experienced Bloomingdale Dentist

If you worry about the cost of a dental appliance, perhaps you should consider the cost of not investing in a custom dental appliance. The cost of treatment for a tooth lost to sports injury can easily amount to $5,000. The cost of failing to sufficiently treat sleep apnea can be even more severe—resulting in diabetes or elevated blood pressure. To see the various dental appliances available to you, call Eagle Falls Dentistry today at (630) 984-5180.