For procedures requiring laboratory work and restorations, as with common procedures like crowns and veneers, most dental offices send all of the laboratory work to outside labs – some even outside of the country. This means that one of the most crucial parts of your restoration is being outsourced to other businesses, not the office you’ve established a relationship with. Here at Eagle Falls Dentistry, we have an in office lab that allows us to do that important work right here.

By providing this in house laboratory service to our patients, we can assure that you get the smile you expect at a level of quality we can stand by. With a team of highly trained dental technologists and advanced state of the art equipment on our side, Eagle Falls Dentistry is able to fabricate most restorations on site, and with the type of personal care you’ve come to expect from us. The doctors and laboratory technicians work together to achieve the best results possible on all types of procedures, ranging from crowns and veneers, to simple one-tooth restorations, to full mouth reconstructions.

The in-house dental laboratory is especially helpful when creating complex dental reconstructions and when matching natural teeth to ceramic teeth. The level of personal attention required for these complicated reconstructions simply isn’t possible when that work is being regularly outsourced.

For more information on our in house laboratory and the kinds of work we do there, give us a call today.